Rethinking Pain

How to live well with chronic pain

Having worked in the field of chronic pain treatment for over 33 years, I deeply appreciate this invaluable book for patients and their loved ones. I wish it had been available long ago! Dr Miranda is a beacon of hope for the chronic pain sufferer, and this book will help launch the reader on their journey of healing.
Mark B Weisberg
The book is particularly creditable for popularizing science. Helena Miranda writes figuratively and intriguingly about the latest results from pain and brain research. The language is empathetic and lively. The clinician finds ready words in the mouth of Miranda's book to describe the anatomical and physiological changes associated with pain. I warmly recommend the book to all doctors and also to medical students.
Finnish Medical Journal
Dr. Helena Liira

Revolutionary book about pain

A new way of thinking of chronic pain

A practical and empathetic guide to a revolutionary approach to living well with chronic pain, based on the fundamental principles that:

  • all pain experienced is real
  • wherever the trouble originates in the body, pain is experienced in the brain
  • all pain is unique to the individual sufferer
  • the key to overcoming pain is not to strive to be pain-free but to minimise the suffering related to it.

Dr Miranda, based on her medical practice as a pain physician, on her long career in pain research and on her experience as a chronic pain patient, shows how to do this through a series of clearly explained tools and strategies. 

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